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There are a number of ways you can use PageDropper to promote your work, deals, and events. You can create your own blog on our blog page. You can contact us to request an event listing. Events can be anything from requesting read for review copies of your books, book launch parties, live Q&A author chat events on our site, or giveaways of your books (our readers love signed paperbacks!). We also offer very reasonable cover/tag line advertising space. 

**If you are interested in purchasing ad space, we recommend signing up for a membership so you can view all of the pages on the site to see where ad placement is located. (Membership is completely free and we do not send email notifications.)


Currently we are not accepting book review submissions until we add to our list of dedicated reviewers, but please check back as we hope to get this feature going soon!


Our site will remain a great place for readers the more they can interact with authors, other readers, and chances to win autographed copies of your books! If you would like to offer signed copies of your books as a giveaway, please use our contact form below.

We also accept ebooks as giveaways - readers just prefer hard copies. You can use the form below to also offer ebook copies. Authors will be resposible for delivering the copies to readers themselves.  If a reader does not receive a book they won through one of our giveaways within 2 weeks of the close of the giveaway and notifying the author - the author will be barred from entering any future giveaways or cover contests. This will help to maintain the integrity of our giveaways for readers. 


General Ad Spaces:  General ad spaces are all of those not on the HOME or COFFEEHOUSE pages. Prices for general ad space are currently $5.00/month for all. As our membership grows, we will change the ad run duration to 2 weeks per ad at the same rate to vary the content members see on our pages. Standard ad space is on a first come, first serve basis. Ads are limited to 140 characters (not words) per ad. To request an ad, fill out our Ad Request form AND upload your ad image to our Downloads (we will retrieve the image and then delete it, once we have done so). Please remember to include one link that you would like to be hotlinked to your ad image. Please do not submit .pdf files for your image. 

Premium Ad Spaces: 

We consider ads on our HOME and COFFEEHOUSE pages to be premium ads as these pages receive the most traffic. Premium ads are selected at our discretion and are usually limited to upcoming releases or author events. Premium ads currently run for 2 weeks at $10.00/2-weeks. As our membership grows, we will change the preimium ad duration to a 1-week run time to vary content for more members. We will post a notice on the main page in advance before this change goes into effect. Premium ad requirements are the same as standard: 140 character limit and inclusion of one hyperlink. To request a premium ad please use the Ad Request form on this page and be sure to upload the ad image that you want to use via adding it to our Downloads box just below the ad request form. 


Authors of all genres are welcome to participate in our cover of the month contest where we offer a free ad space for the following month to the winner. Submissions begin the last week of the month and close at the end of the third week of the following month. I.e. Have covers in by the third weekend in January to be entered into the February contest. 

We ask that all covers be published within the last 2 years. To enter our cover contest, please complete the Cover Entry form on this page and then upload your cover to our Downloads box on this page. Note: You must be registered as a site member to upload your file. (Limit one cover entry per author, per three months).  Covers that are entered cannot be re-entered for another contest for 4 months, new cover submissions by other authors will also take precedence.  

Once all entrants are posted, we will generate a poll and email the link to the entrants for you to share on your social media sites to spread the word about voting. We encourage you to share the voting link to attract new members to our site. The more members we have on our site the more interaction and fun it will be for all readers and authors.  


This is a great site/venue that authors can use to live chat about their books with readers. We suggest offering a free for review copies and then selecting a date when you will be available for LIVE CHAT. We post it as an event where members can RSVP. We set up a live chat room just for you and your readers. You don't have to offer freebies, but it is a nice perk for our members. 


Authors are welcome to partake in chat rooms, group discussions, and groups as fellow book lovers and readers, NOT to promote books.  If you would like to have a live author chat event, contact us with the proposed time and dates and we will notify you if approved.

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