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We created PageDropper for readers to have a place to live chat about books online & to do live chats with authors.  Please sign-up to access all the site features so we can avoid bots & spammers.  Our site will grow in members & content, until then we hope you enjoy as we evolve.  And just FYI, we hate gimmicks, scams, newsletters, spam emails, etc., so we won't be sending you any. You're welcome! 


Thanks for checking out PAGE DROPPER and I hope you enjoy the site. Members can customize profiles, start blog threads, start discussion threads, request group-specific chatrooms be created for them, add photos & videos to our gallery, check out deals & events, and request to post an ad on the classifieds page. Please keep it clean and be kind to each other. Happy chatting!

- Drea, PAGE DROPPER admin / pagedropper@aol.com

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Ebook Giveaway - Chasing Vengeance by Drea Damara on Friday, April 27, 2018
Posted on Apr 27th with 1 attending.

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PageDropper: Looks like the chatrooms are down. Will get them up & running ASAP!
PageDropper: Sorry for the hiatus, but PageDropper is back up and running.
PageDropper: Looking for anyone interested in group reading The Rite of Wand with me, a new YA fantasy
PageDropper: I have a busy weekend and won't be online much. Sorry!
PageDropper: Authors, we have some FREE ad space for the month of MARCH
PageDropper: Looking for some dedicated and/or part-time reviewers
PageDropper: Thanks @grantwalter sorry I haven't been on here much lately
grantwalter: simon scarrow is wonderful
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One boy...one Rite... And a world of deadly secrets that could change the course of history - forever.

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